AmberJohn Gregory Hancock
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In desperation, mankind constructs a rescue spaceship to escape a doomed planet. But will it save them? Or will they discover a secret that unravels everything they've ever believed to be true?
A science fiction short story that will challenge you and have you thinking for days after you read it.
Originally part of the anthology A Plague of Dreams, and It exists in a forest call Dreamwood Tales.


"AMBER, was a surprise for me. I really enjoyed it. It is so well written. In the beginning of this book the earth is ending. Off to space goes the last of the human race. Where it goes from there I cannot tell you. I don't like to ruin a good story. All I will say is you will see the ending coming. Great story told perfectly."-- Jim
"Very well-written and definitely thought-provoking. This is one that will stick with me the way Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question" has for the last 20-25 years. Yeah, it's that good."-- Jeff Carter
"It is difficult to get a feel for an author from one short story. However, Mr Hancock weaves an entertaining and thought provoking tale in around two thousand words. I found the first section a little hard going as it is nearly all written as exposition, but once the dialogue kicks in the story becomes fluid and easy to love. I enjoyed the idea behind "Amber" and without giving away spoilers, it's the sort of thing that would cause many a drunken argument between my atheistic self and my religious friends. All in all, a great effort. I would like to read more by this entertaining author. I pray that he embarks on a full length novel soon." -- J Fletcher