CrawlspaceJohn Gregory Hancock
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An historic plantation house acts as the electrifying intersection in time for random strangers with psychic talents, along with the entities who haunt it and the unsavory evil force that lurks within.
Among them; an African slave/shaman, an American WWII soldier crushed with guilt, a reality television ghost investigation crew dangerously unprepared, and a psychic crippled by claustrophobia who discovers he is a bare uninsulated wire attracting psychic energies like a lightning rod.


"Hancock has succeeded in turning the haunted house sub-genre on its head with this bizarre satire of reality TV. ... Crawlspace you never quite know what is or is not real, but not in an unsatisfying “Lost” kind of way. The best compliment I can give this book is that possibilities were constantly running through my mind, nightmarish possibilities from every horror story I have come across, but as my imagination ran wild, events were still able to take me by surprise. ...
Although this is not a perfect piece, I would say the author has squeezed enough originality into these pages to well and truly stamp a sense of identity onto this book and that is an increasingly rare thing to accomplish."
-- Ebook Planet
"John Gregory Hancock has done something I didn’t really think was possible - he gave me a haunted house story mostly without the house.
I should probably explain that, huh?
As much as I love haunted house stories, they do tend to follow a single formula, namely that a family (or single person) moves into a house where something awful has happened, and they are terrorized. What follows may or may not involve a psychic, an exorcism, fleeing the premises, or the ghosts winning out and the evil continuing, but for the most part, the action centers on the house. Not so much with Crawlspace."
-- booknerdsbraindump
"This supernatural/paranormal type story is unnerving and dark. I loved how it flashed back and forth in time so we got the origin story as well as the perspectives of several people in time who were affected by the events. Without giving away any spoilers, i will just say that I had to reread several passages repeatedly just to absorb the full horror and magnitude of the events in the story. Nothing is spoon fed to the reader. No Hollywood endings here - it takes you to a dark place, regretful and yet curious about what the future holds." -- Nicole Clark
"Hancock brought these characters to life with painstaking detail and kept me glued to the book as I wondered how their worlds would collide. I don't normally have the attention span to make my way through an entire horror book, but I stayed with Crawlspace to see where the story was leading. I won't spoil it for you, but suffice it to say it was even darker and wilder - and cooler - than expected. A fun read if you like offbeat horror stories or just want to give yourself nightmares." -- Joseph A. Cogliano