RoofJohn Gregory Hancock
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The world has hardened. Opportunities are few and dwindling. Society has changed, and not for the better. Every day robots and machines replace humans in the workforce, not just in the most menial jobs, but also throughout the cubicles of the corporations that dominate the cities.


"The uprising always begins with one. This was a wonderful, Asimov-esque read that I couldn't put down and pretty much finished in one sitting. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a solid sci-fi read. It made me go out and get the rest of Hancock's work."-- Colby
"ROOF is an easy and quick read, with tension that will drive you all the way to the end. Although classic dystopian themes are at the forefront of the story, it's not stuffy or pretentious and best of all it leaves you with a heart warming, meaningful message. So did I cry? Oh yeah, I bawled like a baby at the end and that for me equals 5 stars every single day of the week. I highly recommend this book to both teens and adults."-- Cheer Stephenson Papworth
"But this is book is so much more than just a guy trying to stay employed. John Gregory Hancock makes it easy for the reader to step into Peter's shoes, feel his dizzying fear of heights, his strange not-exactly-love/not-exactly-hate relationship with Robbie the robot, and his urgency to leave his mark on a possible not-too-distant future world that crushes people's spirits and leaves the rest of them to die. It's a cautionary tale without being preachy. It feels like classic sci-fi that has aged well. I guess that's the best way I can put it. You'll feel good after reading this. At least I did." -- Robert Bevan