Plague of DreamsJohn Gregory Hancock
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A collection of ten stories, of varying lengths, genres and styles. They vary from fantasy, to science fiction, to crime thriller, to paranormal adventure. And of course humor. You’ll find things like… - A dragon with an identity crisis - An accountant that runs into a three-headed dog, (or maybe the dog runs into him) - A refugee spaceship that might not be enough to save mankind - A lottery winner that finds his life turning into a nightmare when he finds a hidden room - A TV psychic that is drawn against his will into demonic evil


"One of the things that I really love about anthologies is the ability to reset after a few pages and go in another direction. A Plague of Dreams offers that variety in an extreme way. Every story isn't just a little different, it's a new world and new characters and if you didn't know that the stories were all written by one person, the suggestion of a new author."-- Rabid Readers Reviews
"I love short story compilations, and this one didn’t disappoint. I wandered into this book and found myself carrying my pad everywhere wanting to read it. The dozen speculative fiction stories vary both in style and content, but all possess a high degree of quality and creativity. Each of these stories waste little time getting you involved in both their original plots and well-crafted characters."-- Brian Braden
"John Gregory Hancock is fast becoming a master storyteller along the lines of Stephen King, Dan Brown, Dean Kuntz.... I'm reading and thinking to myself, how does he come up with these incredible plots. John is completely authentic and enthralling. I am excited to read all of his books and think I will read, "Robot," next. The second I get my hands on, "Crawlspace," I plan to devour it. It looks sinfully good!" -- Write 2 Enthrall
"Decades ago, science fiction was dominated by the short story. In magazines like Astounding Science Fiction, If, and Amazing Stories, masters like Asimov, Anderson and Heinlein created small stories that encompassed big ideas. The changing marketplace moved away from short stories and toward full-length novels. At times, that led to some novels that should have probably remained short stories. The explosion in independent publishing has brought the short story back, big time. With that resurgence, comes a new contender for the title of master: John Gregory Hancock. In the “About the Author” section of Plague of Dreams, Mr. Hancock claims that he has been blessed (or cursed?) with the ability to have very elaborate dreams and then recall them completely the next day in order to record them. Whether this is true or not, the results speak for themselves. Mr. Gregory crafts compelling stories that take you into unique worlds, while tackling big ideas like Platonic ideals, the existence of God, and what happens when accountants go to Hell. It is this ability, creating a compelling story that is entertaining on the surface, while exploring a snippet of a “very big idea” that puts Mr. Gregory in the same class of the Golden Age masters of the science-fiction short story." -- Bob Crosley