Three Magic TalesJohn Gregory Hancock
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Recollected for the purpose of employing the fantastic voice of Jon Caruth for the audio version. Under the theme of Magic, these three tales come from volumes 1 and 2 of the Dreamwood Tales series.

The first, A Winter Crossing, contains the following:
"In those times, when the sun would drop behind the ancient and broken mountains, the bridge became unfamiliar and cast a stifling pall on those who dared cross. Even to this day, it is said traversing the bridge alone at the end of a winter’s day is to invite frost demons. This is what adults tell each other. Then they laugh, and hoist mead or mulled wine in heavy mugs and whisper ‘fairy tales,’ at the oft-repeated warning. Yet their eyes dart and their tongues lick cracked lips and they share the secret conviction that perhaps labeling something a ‘fairy tale’ is not the same as labeling something untrue. "


"I'm amazed at how well I was able to be transported to another world (well, in this case three of them!). Every one of these stories was incredibly imaginative, and extremely unique. I happened to listen to the Audiobook version, and I have to admit I took it everywhere I went until the stories were finished! I really hope I can find more by this author, because I really enjoy his writing style."-- Cassie L.
"I have always loved magic, that which enthrals and entertains. These three tales certainly do both and more, especially with Jon Caruth as the narrator, his voice adds an atmosphere and a magic all of its own.
I now look forward to reading volume 1 and 2 of the Dreamwood Tales."-- ingrid
"Three interesting tales involving the world of magic and fantasy - a river monster, a dragon and a hero with an unusual affliction. Not for the Disney set, but for those who like a tooth or two in their fantasy." -- Ruth Dempsey